Looking for a personal trainer in Birmingham?VIRTUE is a private personal training studio born out of our passion to support people achieve their Health and Fitness aspirations. A specialist Personal Trainer in Birmingham.
Get in touch if you are looking to lose weight, tone or build muscle.



personal trainer birmingham


The VIRTUE Mission is to support as many people achieve the healthy lifestyle they aspire to with as much ease and simplicity as possible. We are aware of how difficult it can be to try to lose weight, tone or build muscle, especially in a world where we are bombarded with videos, pictures, training plans, articles and advice telling us how to manage our exercise and diet.

personal trainer birmingham


The Virtue Studio is a private environment where you can work with your Personal Trainer without the feeling of unease when working out in a large, public gym.  Yes, we definitely know the feeling!  We also like our Personal Trainers to be focussed solely on the Number 1 priority – YOU. We are based in Digbeth, so if you’re looing for a personal trainer in Birmingham then get in touch.

personal trainer birmingham


The Virtue Approach is a mix of HIIT, Cardio, Weighted Exercise and Movement.  We are constantly practicing and studying approaches taken by the best in the industry to ensure we tailor our service to each individual client. We specialise in weight loss, muscle tone and building muscle.

We consider and plan around your body type, experience, likes and dislikes in addition to your confidence.  Essentially, we are fully committed to creating the optimum conditions to ensure you achieve your aspirations whilst enjoying the journey at every stage, minimising the stress your body experiences and creating the maximum value for your time and money. A personal trainer in Birmingham you can trust with considerable knowledge and experience.


Been working with Virtue PT for a couple months. I’m really impressed with how Neil listens to what I would like to achieve long term but also will adapt session to how I’m feeling on the day. He’s a conscientious, approachable and diligent as a PT. Who has great knowledge about Nutrition, which enables you to have a good balance between diet and exercise. My go to personal trainer in Birmingham.

The gym is in good accessible location and offers a unique experience on a one to one basis, with a great range of equipment.

Alison Hunt

Neil is so knowledgeable, friendly, welcoming and great at his job. I’ve been training with him for just over 1 1/2 month’s now and I have lost a stone. The private studio is great as I don’t have to worry about anyone around and can focus on myself. We do lots of different exercises to keep it from getting boring. I really enjoy training at Virture PT and would recommend to anyone looking to sucessfully lose weight, tone and change their lifestyle.


I saw Neil at Virtue after being fed up of being overweight. I would shop and hate seeing myself in clothes that used to fit but don’t any more. My confidence wasn’t great but Neil was so positive from the first conversation that I felt really good about working with him, then at the consultation he told me about his own journey and I felt even better. He offered me books and suggestions to help me. I’ve had 6 weeks of sessions twice a week and I’ve lost 2 stones. The diet plan is the best thing ever as I feel so energetic too.

My confidence is growing every day, I look forward to the workouts with Neil, he tells me how good I am at the exercises and he believes in me which helps me put more effort in. If you want a real trainer with real life experience and nothing but feel good music/vibes/advice/nutrition, Virtue is the one! Oh yeah and it’s a private studio so nobody makes me feel self conscious!!


“Your guidance, knowledge, mentoring and patience helped me change my life.”
Reena Kaur

Matching a benefit to a customers needs from A to Z. I like to invest my money knowing that I am satisfied with what I see, what I hear and most importantly with what I feel.

Virtue PT is not about sales putting money into their pocket, it is about quality combined with work life and balance, ensuring your requirements are met around your timetable or even in the comfort of being at home.

i have had 5 sessions in total and each session has taught me self belief, confidence, can do attitude with positive energy surrounded around me making my work out sessions to be fun and enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong it is not easy working out when you have hardly done any exercises in your life, you do have to work on it but the 1 hour sessions feels like 30 mins. That is a big achievement for me and at the end of my session I feel full of energy and good within myself.

I have struggled with my weight and tried so many ways of losing it, from being motivated then can’t be bothered attitude. With Virtue PT I look forward to my personal training as 1, there is no-one around you just yourself and the PT so you can feel free to be yourself. 2, throughout your training you are taught and educated of how individual workouts are benefiting your mind, body & soul. which is key in a healthier you and lifestyle.

I have no regrets and I am determined to achieve my goals with the help and support from Virtue PT and I highly recommend it to my family, friends and anyone in feeling good in your own skin…



personal trainer birmingham

Pay as you Train | £35 per session

Pay Monthly | £30 per session


Unit 2 Minerva Works

158 Fazeley Street



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    If you are interested in joining the Virtue Team as a Personal Trainer or if you have other skills you can bring, please email your CV along with your Cover Letter to